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Mountain retreats provides residential property management to Boring, Oregon

Residential Property Management

for Boring, Oregon

Rental Property Management for Boring Homeowners

What Does a Property Management Company Do for Boring Rental Owners?

For property owners, having a good management company

  • Provides freedom from many burdens of ownership, including rent collection

  • Reduces stress and worry about something going wrong

  • Shortens time your property is left vacant

  • Decreases costs due to maintenance


In other words, a rental property management company makes having a Boring rental home a blessing and not a burden. It means that your property is a source of income rather than a drain on your resources. It means that you don’t have a second (or third, etc) job in taking care of your rental house and tenants. It means that you have a sense of security when it comes to the unknowns of managing a rental.

Specifically, we help our Boring residential property management clients by

  • Marketing their Rental Property through a variety of means to get the word out as much as possible

  • Screening Residents through applications, interviews, and background checks to make sure that any tenants are going to be a good fit for your property. Our goal is to find quality renters from the beginning to minimize turnover and increase the stable profitability of your property.

  • Managing Rental Maintenance from small problems to emergency situations, including maintenance associated with resident turnover. We keep your tenants happy so that they stay longer while you relax.

  • Conducting Regular Property Checks to make sure that clients are being responsible with your rental property.

  • Rent Collection – so you don’t have to deal with it. Our fee comes from rent, and is a competitive 8-12% of the rent received.

  • Dealing with Tenant Issues up to and including eviction, in the rare instance that it is required. We help to insulate you as much as possible from any negative tenant situation and move things on as soon as possible.

Boring Property Management Experience

Mountain Retreats has been serving the Boring residential property management market for over 13 years. We know this place and its people, which means we are well-positioned to anticipate and handle anything that can happen with rentals – and renters – in this area. Please contact us to learn how we can help you manage your rental property.

Mountain retreats serves Boring, Oregon

Helping People Find Houses for Rent in Boring

Prospective Tenants Looking for Boring Houses to Rent

Considering renting and want to know your options in Boring, Oregon? Let us help you find a place that falls within your budget and needs. We know looking for a place to live can be overwhelming, but you’re in great hands with Mountain Retreats. Contact us to check out our listings and schedule viewings.

We Help Take the Stress Out of Finding a Place to Rent

Sifting through the options of affordable houses for rent in Boring can be a difficult process unless you have resources, including local connections. That’s where we come in. Using our network of owners with rental homes that we manage, we have options for you in Boring, and would love to arrange a meeting to discuss what we have available!

Find the Boring House, Townhouse, Duplex, or Condo to Fit Your Budget

Our goal is to be able to work with people with all sorts of budgets to find the situation that best fits their needs. Because when we get the right people in the right Boring properties, they stay longer – which is better for our residents, our owners, and us!

Have a Place of Your Own in Boring

If you are loathing the idea of renting an apartment because you’d like to have more space – you aren’t necessarily stuck with one! We may be able to help with our affordable houses, duplexes, condos, or townhouses available for rent. After all, one of the great things about East County are the wide-open spaces, and it would be a shame not to be able to enjoy that if you can.

Attentive Maintenance Management

We want you to be happy in the rental that you call home, and to this end we are available at any time to sort through your maintenance needs. Our network of home repair specialists can take care of your needs – whether non-essential or emergency – promptly and correctly.


Give us a call today or send us an email to talk about the options we have available of houses for rent.

What Clients Say About Mountain Retreats’ Residential Property Management Services

At Mountain Retreats, we understand that honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness are the backbone of a local residential property management company. We strive to be able to say that each of our owners and tenants whom we take care of has a positive experience with us as the stewards of their property – and reviews from our clients certainly speak to that.

They are a dedicated group that does everything possible to make sure their clients are well taken care of.       

- Terra

I've engaged Mountain Retreats to maintain and rent my property for many years. They are highly professional, very friendly, extremely reliable, and are prompt and amenable in overseeing all the details that the management of rental property requires. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a conscientious team in the Mt. Hood area to manage their property and tenancy.

- Laine

I stopped into the Mountain Retreats office to find out about what they offer...they were very personable and I was able to find out the information I needed about their rentals.

- Aud

The owners, Jeff and Jodi are extremely honest and reliable. It was a pleasure to work with Mountain Retreats.

- Olivia

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