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Prospective Tenants Looking for Houses to Rent

Considering renting for the short-term, long-term, or for vacation rental destination and want to know your options in Gresham, Sandy, Welches, and the Mt. Hood Village area? Let us help you find a place that falls within your budget and needs. We know looking for a place to live can be overwhelming, but you’re in great hands with Mountain Retreats. Contact us to check out our listings and schedule viewings.

Click here to see current houses available for rent.

We Help Take the Stress Out of Finding a Place to Rent

Sifting through the options of affordable houses for short-term or long-term rental in Gresham, Sandy, Welches, and the surrounding areas can be a difficult process unless you have resources, including local connections. That’s where we come in. Using our network of owners with rental homes that we manage, we have options for you.


Our rental properties are posted online in a variety of places, and are available through appointment at our office in Brightwood. We are also able to schedule an appointment to meet you out and about if our office is too far away. Once you’ve determined properties for rent that you’re interested in, we’ll schedule times to go check them out, and then walk you through the process of applying for the property you’ve chosen!

Vacation Properties for Rent on Mt Hood

We manage many different vacation properties in Welches, Rhododendron, Brightwood, Zig Zag, and Government Camp. When you're looking for a guaranteed comfortable place to get away, click here to check out our vacation rental offerings.

Find the House, Townhouse, Duplex, or Condo to Fit Your Budget

Our goal is to be able to work with people with all sorts of budgets to find the situation that best fits their needs. Because when we get the right people in the right properties, they stay longer – which is better for our residents, our owners, and us! So whether you’re looking for a house, townhouse, duplex, condo, or whatever we’ve missed in our list – we will seek to place you with the offering that works best with your needs and resources.

An exampe of a house for rent from Mountain Retreats
An interior of a rental house from Mountain Retreats

Have a Place of Your Own

If you are loathing the idea of renting an apartment because you’d like to have more space – we may be able to help with our affordable houses available for rent. After all, one of the great things about East County is the wide-open spaces, and it would be a shame not to be able to enjoy that if you can.

Attentive Maintenance Management

One of the things that most concerns prospective renters is how attentive their landlords will be to their needs. That is where the benefit of renting a house which is managed by a rental property management company like Mountain Retreats really shines through.


Whereas owner-managed rentals may suffer from a lack of experience or care on behalf of the property owner because they are just renting their property on the side, property management is our job. We are accountable both to you and the homeowner as our full-time job, a fact we take very seriously.


We want you to be happy in the rental that you call home whether for the short-term, long-term, or for a vacation, and to this end, we are available at any time to sort through your maintenance needs. Our network of home repair specialists can take care of your needs – whether non-essential or emergency – promptly and correctly.


Give us a call today or send us an email to talk about the options we have available of houses for rent.

Current Residents

If the house you are renting right now is in need of maintenance or you have another need, please contact us through the information on our contact page or one of the links above. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible to help with anything you need.

What Residents are Saying about Renting through Mountain Retreats

I stopped into the Mountain Retreats office to find out about what they offer...they were very personable and I was able to find out the information I needed about their rentals.

- Aud

The owners, Jeff and Jodi are extremely honest and reliable. It was a pleasure to work with Mountain Retreats.

- Olivia

Frequently Asked Questions from those Looking to Rent a Home

  • Do I need to replace simple things such as lightbulbs and smoke detector batteries?

Yes, expendable equipment such as batteries and lightbulbs are the responsibility of the renter, and need to be working at the time of your move out just as they are when you move in. If a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is not working correctly, give us a call as soon as possible and we will replace it.

  • What deposits are required when renting a house?

A security deposit is required before moving into a property to cover repairs and cleaning which are a result of your activities in a rental house. In order to recover this deposit when you move out, ensure that the inside and outside of the house is thoroughly cleaned and in good order. You may consider hiring professional cleaners to do this – remembering that the cost of hiring a cleaner may be less than losing your deposit.

  • Who do I pay rent to each month?

Your rent will be paid via direct deposit or check to Mountain Retreats (that’s us). Our job is to then distribute funds to all concerned parties from there.


  • Do I need renters’ insurance?

Yes, renter insurance is required. It protects you the tenant from theft, water and fire damage and liability issues caused by you and your guest’s negligence. The owner and property management company and it’s agents will not be liable or responsible for loss or damage to property belonging to tenants or their guests.


  • If I have a problem with the rental property at 3 am, how should I contact you?

This depends if the problem is an emergency or non-essential. If there is a serious leak, you smell gas, or there is another emergency situation, first neutralize the problem so there is no danger to the house or anyone in the house. Then yes, give us a call so we can help deal with the problem and avoid (additional) damage – even at 3 in the morning. With other problems, obviously we’d prefer you wait until we are in the office!


  • Will anyone from Mountain Retreats come by to check on the house without alerting me?

In Oregon, landlords must provide 24-hour notice prior to coming onto the rental property. The only exceptions include emergencies and when a service has been agreed upon beforehand between tenant and landlord. However, because we are accountable to the homeowners, we do regularly come by all of our properties without notice to get an idea of how things are going from the street.

Our Rental House Service Area

Based out of Brightwood, Oregon, Mountain Retreats provides and manages houses for rent in Gresham, Damascus, Boring, Sandy, Estacada, Welches, the Mountain Villages, and surrounding areas.

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