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Rental Property Management

through Mountain Retreats

What Does a Property Management Company Do for Rental Owners?

For property owners, having a good management company

  • Provides freedom from many burdens of ownership, including rent collection

  • Reduces stress and worry about something going wrong

  • Shortens time your property is left vacant

  • Decreases costs due to maintenance

In other words, a rental property management company makes having a rental home a blessing and not a burden. It means that your property is a source of income rather than a drain on your resources. It means that you don’t have a second (or third, etc) job in taking care of your rental house and tenants. It means that you have a sense of security when it comes to the unknowns of managing a rental.

We Manage Vacation Rental Properties on Mt Hood

If you have a property in Welches and Mt Hood that you'd like to use as a vacation rental but don't want to deal with the maintenance, advertising, collection, and customer service aspects of running it, talk to Mountain Retreats. We handle all that and more, for a reasonable regular fee.

Marketing your Rental Property

The first step to owning a successful rental house, duplex, townhouse, or condo is to get the word out. Perhaps you have experienced the headache of creating an attractive ad to sell something small on one of the many marketplace websites out there. Now imagine taking that up a notch as you put your rental property up for rent.

Advertising online is definitely the way to go in this day-and-age, but knowing what platforms are best to advertise on and what information people both need and want to know when they are looking to rent can be a lot to sort through. With over a decade of experience in the rental house management business, we understand best practices for getting the word about your property out to a lot of quality renters.

Screening for Quality Residents

The next step in successful rental management is getting quality tenants into your property. Prospective renters go through a comprehensive process to help ensure they are going to be responsible and respectful of your house. The process includes

  • Written application

  • Face-to-face interviews

  • Background checks


Our goal is to find quality renters from the beginning to minimize turnover and increase the stable profitability of your property.

Managing Rental Maintenance

We handle all maintenance issues as quickly and efficiently as possible using a team of quality vendors with experience and integrity in their fields of service to be sure jobs are done correctly the first time. Whether a leaky pipe or a squeaky door, we can take care of it.

Regular Maintenance

Emergency Rental Repairs

One of the things that rental property owners worry most about are the emergency repairs that spring up from time to time – things like a leaky roof, a failed heater, or a burst pipe (particularly in colder areas). Our job is to run point for all the situations – big and small, emergency and planned, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (366 on a leap year) – that come up in the life of a house, townhouse, duplex, or condo.

In short, we’ve got you covered. We take care of the stress of managing repairs and disruption. We will make sure that our team is on the problem to get it repaired as soon as possible so that your tenants stay happy. In terms of cost, we make sure that you are getting a good deal through it all as we act as an advocate on your behalf.

Turning Over to New Tenants

In the event that a renter needs to leave, we take care of the final checkout and manage any damage, repairs, cleaning, or updates that should occur before getting another tenant in the property.

An example of a rental house we provide property management services for

Routine Tenant Relations

Regular Property Checks

We know that no prior investigation – no matter how thorough – will ensure that a renter will care well for a house. Therefore, we do property checks at least quarterly as well as upon request. We pride ourselves on making sure our properties stay safe and well maintained. We also have multiple contacts in the community that make us aware if there are any concerns about a property so that nothing gets out of hand.

Rent Collection and Deposit

All rents are collected by us so you don’t have to deal with it. They are then deposited into a federally insured client trust account that is periodically subject to audits by the State of Oregon. Rental checks are distributed on the same day every month via either check or direct deposit.

Handling Tenant Problems

Probably the most concerning question for a rental home owner is “What if I need to evict someone from my house?” While this is definitely an unpleasant situation that we do everything to avoid, in the very rare event that things proceed to this point, you can rely on Mountain Retreats property management to be with you, taking point in the gathering of legal documents and ensuring that your interests are fully represented. We insulate you as much as possible from the situation and help to move things on as soon as possible.

What Makes Mountain Retreats the Best Choice in Rental Property Management

Management Company of Reliable Character

We trust that if you talk to anyone – renters or homeowners – who works with us, you will be told about our honesty, integrity, and competency in handling all the issues that come with rental property management from the mundane to the rarities.

Local Property Management Experience

We have been serving East County and the Villages of Mt Hood through rental property management for over 13 years. We know this place and its people, which means we are well-positioned to anticipate and handle anything that can happen with rentals – and renters – in this area.

Management Services at an Affordable Cost

Our services on behalf of property owners are provided at a competitive rate of 8-12% per month, based on the rent charged. Talk with us for details on costs for your specific property.

The owners of Mountain Retreats rental property management

What Owners are Saying About Mountain Retreats’ Rental Property Management Services

I've engaged Mountain Retreats to maintain and rent my property for many years. They are highly professional, very friendly, extremely reliable, and are prompt and amenable in overseeing all the details that the management of rental property requires. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a conscientious team in the Mt. Hood area to manage their property and tenancy.

- Laine

Jeff Kincaid and Mountain Retreats has managed my rentals since he purchased the company. (I actually founded Mountain Retreats in the mid-eighties). It has been a pleasure to work with him through the years. I especially like how he takes care of the little events common to a rental home. He handles the tenant’s needs, repairs, and communications without any unnecessary involvement from me. He seems to have a good rapport with the tenants. His communications with me are always timely whether by phone or text. It is so nice to just get a check every month and not have to hassle with the little details involved with rental management. The fee I pay to Mountain Retreats is well worth it.

I recommend Mountain Retreats highly. If you desire more information from me, don’t hesitate to contact me by email

David Lythgoe

They are a dedicated group that does everything possible to make sure their clients are well taken care of.       

- Terra

I've been the owner of a small cabin in Sandy Oregon for many years. Through those years, I've had several property managers. . . I no longer live in Oregon so I've had to rely on property managers to rent and maintain my small cabin. It's the only piece of real estate I own at present, so I take great pride keeping it maintained and well-tended for my tenants. Jeff Kincaid with Mountain Retreats has proven to be a reliable and conscientious property manager throughout my association with him. He's spearheaded and overseen numerous restoration contracts and maintenance projects on my cabin throughout our working relationship, including roofing work, painting, plumbing, carpentry, flooring, fencing, chimney work, and appliance replacement, taking the time to find discounts and markdowns on materials and appliances when available. He's maintained steady tenancy, and always provides receipts and accurate paperwork, and is always accessible, conversational, and quick to respond. I don't get to Oregon anymore, but I feel confident with Jeff overseeing my small but important investment. I've not always been happy with previous property management experiences, but Jeff is one of the very best I've ever had.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a solid and reliable business partner.


Laine Scheliga

The owners, Jeff and Jodi Kincaid, are extremely honest and reliable. A true pleasure to work with.

- Lee & Carlanda

Mountain Retreats' Property Management Service Area

Based out of Brightwood, Oregon, Mountain Retreats provides rental property management for houses, duplexes, townhouses, and condos in Gresham, Damascus, Boring, Sandy, Estacada, Welches, the Mountain Villages and surrounding areas.

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